A:  Pingfling is on a definite mission to become the go to online dating platform by providing their users with an experience unlike that of any other online dating site or app on the market.  With a military grade secure socket layer certificate encrypting all data transmissions originated within the site pingfling works diligently behind the scenes to ensure that their users data remains secure and private.  Pingfling is also the first dating company to offer its users the ability to undergo a background reference check and further vets all users during the initial registration process by asking if the user has ever committed a crime and if yes, to provide pingfling with details as to the nature of the offense.  It is pingfling’s hope that by facilitating this method that pingfling will be best positioned to provide their loyal users with a pool of higher quality dating candidates and a safer online dating experience overall.  With verified profiles, more secure data transmissions, anonymity and a constant effort toward continuing to revolutionize the online dating experience, it’s no wonder why pingfling is making such a big splash in the dating world.

Ping. Cling. Chat.  Pingfling is simple, safe, and fun – “You ping and I ping we cling, it’s the simplest thing!” Just ping someone you want to cling with and fling them if you don’t.

Welcome to pingfling the best online dating site at the forefront of revolutionizing the online dating experience and well on its way to the continuation of disrupting the online dating market.  What are you waiting for?  Start pinging today!

The pingfling app is under development and will be available for download on iOS and Android soon.  Visit pingfling.com to use pingfling for web.

A: Pingfling allows for visitors who are 18 years of age or older to register for a free membership and create a profile but if the user would like to access restricted content, restricted areas, and or restricted features of the platform they would be required to upgrade to a paid membership.  The app will be free for download once it is complete.  Or visit pingfling.com to use pingfling for web. 

A:  Pingfling is a global online dating platform.  If you’re interested in meeting new people, expanding your social network, or meeting locals to date while traveling than our app will eventually serve to assist in these quests best once it’s complete and ready for download.  Or visit pingfling.com to use pingfling for web.

A:  The minimum age requirement to register for an account on pingfling is 18 years old.  You are not permitted to use pingfling’s platform until you reach the age of 18. 

A:  You can only search for a specific person on pingfling if you have that persons pingfling alias. 

A:  Only paid members can send messages. 

A:  The safety of pingfling’s users is very important to pingfling.  Pingfling takes special care when vetting new users by asking certain questions during the registration process but even this method does not fully guarantee that all users will remain truthful with their answers thus pingfling asks that users be sure to report and or block suspicious users and report any suspicious behavior.  Please see our Membership Agreement, Terms of use, and Safety Tips for additional information.  You can also anonymously report someone by sending an email to report@pingfling.com or click the REPORT tab at the footer of our homepage and our site moderators will make every effort to follow pingfling’s internal protocols to first investigate, define the best plan of action, then promptly execute the best action(s) while making every effort to maintain the best possible user experience

A:  Only paid members can cancel pings

A:  Pingfling is making continued strides toward the development of a reliable process for verifying all profile images.  A profile that is verified will display an icon at the lower right-hand corner of the profile image.  A verified profile image is one that the user has uploaded and then provided pingfling with the required proof that the image the user had uploaded is in fact them which pingfling’s site monitors will then confirm or deny verification. 

A:  Yes but only after you provide pingfling’s moderators with all the necessary and required information to properly verify your image and in no way does pingfling guarantee that your image and or profile will be verified.  Please send an email to verify@pingfling.com should you have any questions pertaining to pingfling’s verification process and or status of verification, thank you.

A:  Pingfling’s state of the art autoping feature is currently under development.  Visit pingfling.com often for more information on this revolutionary feature!  Autoping is a registered trademark of Pingfling, Inc. 

A:  Flinging is a necessary function of pingfling’s platform as it allows the user to fling or ‘reject’ a ping request or an established cling aka ‘match.’  Once you fling a ping or a cling than you can always search for that specific users pingfling alias but it is entirely up to that user to either cling you or to fling you and thus you are in no way guaranteed to cling with that specific user again.  Ping, cling and fling at your discretion. 

A:  Currently pingfling accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Note: American Express may only be accepted in some countries.

A:  If you’ve chosen a month-to-month membership package, you’ll be charged once per month at the one-month anniversary date of when you first satisfied payment.

If you’ve chosen a three-month membership package, you will be immediately charged for the full three months, and your membership will automatically renew every three months. 

If you have chosen a six-month membership package, you will immediately be charged for six months, and your membership will automatically renew every 6 months. 

If you’ve chosen a twelve-month membership package, you will be immediately charged for the full twelve months, and your membership will automatically renew every twelve months. 

Note:  you can cancel your membership at any time to prevent future charges.

A:  Pingfling understands how important a user’s privacy and anonymity is when dating online and taking this understanding into consideration is what pingfling has built its foundation around.  This being said, pingfling has gotten even more creative and has therefore established an unassuming name with their banking partners to help further ensure that a user need not to worry about someone in their household or a person(s) of any significance to them potentially seeing that they made a purchase from pingfling.  If you have any further questions about what this unassuming name is than please kindly send an email to billing@pingfling.com and be prepared to provide pingfling with your current user profile information.  Pingfling absolutely will NOT share this information unless certain profile verification processes have been satisfied first for privacy reasons or unless required to do so by law.  Please see our privacy policy for details pertaining to your privacy when using pingfling’s platform.

“We take your data and privacy very seriously thus, unlike other dating sites which fail to fully remove your data from their servers after you delete your account; we go the extra mile by fully removing your data should you so choose to delete your account.  Unfortunately, this extra secure deletion assurance feature does not come free to Basic members who are therefore required to satisfy an account deletion fee unless of course you choose to upgrade to an elevated membership level such as i.e. Pro, Premium, and Ultimate which provide this secure account deletion feature absolutely free.”

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